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Cloud & Responsive-web Enablement

Connect For Success: Get a life - infuse ready-to-use, world-class collaboration capabilities through software as a service (SaaS), on-premises and hybrid deployment models.
Technology is empowering people, and cloud-n-social technologies are transforming the world, unlocking new ideas, opportunities and business growth - people are engaging securely, collaborating and innovating anywhere-everywhere-allTheTime.
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Affordable Cloud Solutions:
Cloud Solutions ... made AFFORDABLE ...
Businesses need to transform their customer interactions and gain more business through Cloud Computing. "Cloud" is powering growth and enables business strategies, new products/services and improvement to business-processes - with speed.
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Government - In A Digital World:
Governments see opportunity in digitizing their business-processes to better serve citizens and improve internal processes. Lack of funding and outdated systems hamper these efforts. However, core processes need to be digitized by sharing service-captures and case management.
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Big Data-Watson Analytics

Big Data Analytics: Enabling businesses to drive better data-driven decisions is a focus-area.
Getting insights to all stakeholders quickly is critical to delivering fast and correct action - this is now an imperative.
Next Gold Rush: Companies are scrambling to make the most of "Big Data" goldmine. Knowing that it's value exists is one thing - extracting and putting it to use is another. Finding the EXPERT to extract and derive value - seems to be the biggest challenge.
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See the Forest, and the Trees: The volume of images and videos posted to social media sites every day is staggering, with billions posted to the top five sites alone. This image traffic is communicating important things about customers, competitors and the marketplace. How can you tap into this goldmine?
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Watson - how it works!: When Watson goes to work in any particular field - it learns language, the jargon and the motive thought of that domain. Take the term cancer for instance there are many different types of cancer and each type has different symptoms and treatment however those symptoms can also be associated with other diseases, other than cancer. Treatments can have side-effects and affect people differently - depending on many factors.
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Data Analytics

  • What if you could tap into information to uncover lucrative business opportunities!?!
  • What if you had the inside information you needed to retain customers, or improve research!?!
  • What if the decision-making process could be made with certainty and predictability!?!
Searching for a baseball-glove in a old dark closet is nothing like finding a singing bird hide in a tree - different objects, different environments, different methods.
BigDataAnalyticsLikewise at companies today, different types of information reside in so many different environments and are stored in so many different formats. To extract meaning from what you have, quickly, is becoming almost impossible.

Today information is flowing like mighty rivers from a trillion connected intelligent things, and soon the amount of digital information will grow to 988-exabytes equivalent to a stack of books from the Sun to Pluto, and back again.

Eighty percent of new data growth existing as unstructured content from music files, to 3D images, to medical records, to email keystrokes - the challenge is trying to put it all together and make sense.

Organizations are asking these questions and, some are finding highly intelligent and profitable answers, with analytic software. They can organize, store and data-mine information that is scattered throughout the organization, and provide customized intelligence to gain faster insights.

These organizations are making better business decisions about their customers, competitors, new products and even their own reputation - based on account balances, delivery schedules, profit margins and more. Most do it with crossed fingers. That is because they know that decision making today is an art based on incomplete and conflicting information and that hunches play a big role in determining which way to go.

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Processes: Model - Measure - Manage

Business Process Management (BPM) can add value and alignment to one's strategic vision.
BPM can refer to both a methodology to improve efficiency through better day-to‐day processes, and also to an IT tool to automate and monitor those processes.
BPM, done right, involves business process analysis (methodology side) together with the implementation of business process management software (tool side).
BPM is a game changer, and can provide an advantage. Implementing BPM can begin anywhere - can be imposed from the top down, from upper management, or, begin-n-grow locally.

BPM empowers participants at all levels of an organization. The lower & middle rungs gain-n-see direct benefit - these rungs often push the BPM-agenda. BUT, for a complete adoption - buy-in from top management is needed.

CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, CTO, CIO, and other top managers are concerned with how BPM can be specifically applied in an organization - to improve governance and sustainability, through improvement in performance.

Strategic value of BPM in the following areas should be highlighted:
• Quality of service & customer satisfaction
• Operational excellence & productivity
• Business agility
• Employee motivation & collaboration
• Risk management

Overall efficiency can be improved so that executive management can focus on the future.
BPM can have a positive impact on many aspects of a company, from:
• governance and sustainability;
• to motivation and change management;
• to agility and collaboration;
• to compliance and risk management;

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Business Intelligence - Predictive Analytics

Businesses that want to stay on top for the long term need the combined power of predictive analytics and business intelligence.

Business Intelligence let's everyone in your organization know exactly where the business currently stands - then using predictive analytics you can make decisions with assurance about where the business should go.

IBM predictive analytics lets you uncover unexpected patterns and associations from all the data you collect - whether it's structured or unstructured, transactional or social or in different silos or formats.

Your analysis can then guide frontline interactions even in real time. Enhanced predictive capabilities brings repeatability to ongoing decision-making providing confidence in your decisions.

Unique deployment technologies and methodologies maximize the impact if analytics in every corner of your operation. Only IBM can deliver these essential business analytics capabilities - woven together in a unified architecture. This is the total analytics package that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

As at many universities and colleges across the United States, alumni at Michigan State University (MSU) play a very important role in many facets – everything from continuation of programs, research, student engagement, and enrollment to philanthropic supporters, volunteers, and brand champions. University Advancement’s mission is to build deep and long-term relationships with alumni, stakeholders, and other potential partners who will inspire and empower philanthropic support today and well into the future.

Michigan State University’s University Advancement department implemented IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and SPSS predictive analytics to provide greater insight for management of its alumni and donor engagement continuum. Nucleus found that this combination of IBM advanced analytics software enabled MSU University Advancement to support institutional strategies with insights to improve engagement, increase major and annual donation rates, and increase staff productivity.

Learn more about how you can make those critical game changing business decisions with more precision, more accuracy, more insight - all in less time, using predictive and business intelligence.

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